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Did you know I have an exclusive reader group?

The JOHNSON JUNKIES are a small group of really awesome ladies who read my books, make teasers, chat about book boyfriends, and support me whenever I need a virtual hug during release day panic! They also get first access to ARC signups and post their reactions/reviews in the group -- I always look forward to their early feedback! 

I mean.... to be totally honest...  it's mostly just a place where we post funny memes and gifs about reading and/or book boyfriends. (Come on -- you know you want to be a part of that....)

If you'd like to join, you are more than welcome! The only requirement is that you've read one or more of my books and are an all-round awesome human.  Just click the link below and request to become a JOHNSON JUNKIE if you're interested! We'd love to have you with us. xx