"I want to make things with her:  music she won't sing, promises I can't keep, love that won't last. I want to know her. To unravel her secrets, layer by layer. To strip her bare."





I was never supposed to be famous. 
I was a lyricist, not a singer. 
Certainly not a star. 
Too bad none of that seemed to matter to a rock-god like Ryder Woods. 
He didn’t just want my words — he wanted everything. 
And he took it. 
My songs. My voice. My goddamned soul. 
Between those haunting bedroom eyes and that heart-stopping grin, I never stood a chance. I was pulled into his orbit like a rogue meteor passing a sun. 
The problem is, if you get too close to a star…
You’re bound to get burned. 


FADED is the first installment of a sexy, emotional duet about a jaded rock star and a starry-eyed songwriter. UNFADED, the second installment, will be released on May 2, 2018. Pre-order it now! Please note: due to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, this duet is recommended for readers ages 16 and up.



“In the first installment of her next showstopping duet, Julie Johnson spins her thread and weaves together a whirlwind romance novel filled with whiskey, drugs, and broken hearts. It's a classic country song come to life.”  - Inked Avenue Book Blog 5 star review

“I binged this book from start to finish without moving from my spot on the couch. And now I wait in eager anticipation for book two!”  - A Is For Alpha B Is For Books Blog 4.5 star review

“This book is potent, soulful, and enticing and ensnares you right from the beginning and doesn’t let its grip on you go for a moment. As I was nearing the end of this book I knew that I would be waiting with bated breath for the second part of this duet which I am sure will not disappoint because when you enter a Julie Johnson novel you never want to leave.” - Eleonora, Goodreads 5 star review

“Faded is a quick read with a strong and loveable heroine, and wonderful supporting cast, too. I highly recommend Faded. It's one-click worthy for sure!” - Nicole, Goodreads 5 star review