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// F A D E D //

book one,  A P R I L   04   2 0 1 8  

// U N F A D E D //

book two,  M A Y   02   2 0 1 8    

From internationally bestselling author Julie Johnson... an angst-laced, passion-fueled new duet about a jaded rock star and a starry-eyed songwriter.

Due to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, it is recommended for readers ages 16 and up. 


I was never supposed to be famous. 
I was a lyricist, not a singer. 
Certainly not a star. 
Too bad none of that seemed to matter to a rock-god like Ryder Woods. 
He didn’t just want my words — he wanted everything. 
And he took it. 
My songs. My voice. My goddamned soul. 
Between those haunting bedroom eyes and that heart-stopping grin, I never stood a chance. I was pulled into his orbit like a rogue meteor passing a sun. 
The problem is, if you get too close to a star…
You’re bound to get burned. 

FADED is the first installment of a sexy, emotional duet about a jaded rock star and a starry-eyed songwriter. UNFADED, the second installment, will be released on May 2, 2018. Pre-order it now! Please note: due to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, this duet is recommended for readers ages 16 and up.

Oh my god, guys....THE FADED DUET will be COMPLETE on MAY 2, 2018. So, what do you absolutely need to know before release day?  

♬ It's a story about a sexy musician with dreams of stardom and an introverted songwriter with no desire to see her name in lights. Hiiiiii, opposites. I see you there, attracting. 

♬ It's a DUET. (!!!) Yes, that means, there's a cliffhanger. Before you yell at me -- please know, the second installment comes out just a few short weeks later, so you hardly have to wait AT ALL for answers. And in the meantime, I'll hold your hand and walk you through it. I promise. 

♬ It's told in DUAL POV. If you read my books, you know I basically never do this. But Ryder... Oh, Ryder. *sighs* I couldn't resist. 

♬ It's angsty. Like... ANGSTY AF, guys. I'm warning you now. There will probably be tears. I'm sorry in advance. (Sort of.)

♬ It's set in Nashville and Los Angeles. 

♬ Both parts are currently enrolled in KU and are available for pre-order on Amazon. 

♬ It might just be my favorite story everrrrrr. *flails* 

FADED (april 4) ➔ https://amzn.to/2IVvweh
UNFADED (may 2) ➔ https://amzn.to/2DWyrj6

WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER: https://youtu.be/yY47eN2I9Qs
"Don’t say I didn’t warn you: this story isn’t about getting what I wanted. Because I never wanted Ryder Woods. 
I needed him. 
Like a melody needs a harmony, like a rhythm needs a tempo, like a chord needs a key. I was more consumed by him than I ever was by the notes swirling in my bloodstream or the lyrics swimming through my head. 
Even after he took every aching piece of my heart and crushed them to dust between nicotine-stained fingertips." 🎶
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