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The angsty, addictive conclusion to THE GIRL DUET, now available on all platforms!

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The movie has wrapped, but the drama is just getting started… 

Katharine Firestone finally has everything she’s ever wanted — new house, new car, new status as a Hollywood A-lister. And yet, she’s never felt more isolated. As the movie premiere creeps closer, Kat spends her days playing an infatuated co-star for the press tour cameras, and her nights wondering what the hell she’s going to do to fix the mess she’s made out of her personal life. 

One broken girl. 
Two heart-stopping men. 
One impossible decision. 

Torn between the heartbreaker she tried to avoid and the man she never saw coming, Kat will be forced to answer the ultimate question: Do we get a say when it comes to choosing our soulmate? 

Love. Lust. Passion. Paparazzi. The road to fame and fortune is never easy. And, in the City of Angels, the only place they guarantee a happily-ever-after is in the movies… 

THE SOMEDAY GIRL is a tangled contemporary love story about a girl learning to love — her friends, her career, her soulmate, and, most of all, herself. It is the second installment of THE GIRL DUET, concluding the angsty, addictive storyline that began in THE MONDAY GIRL. Each installment is approximately 95,000 words. Recommended for readers ages 17+ due to strong language, sexual situations, drug use, and other mature elements.