To Sleep or Not to Sleep... That is NEVER the Question

So I think one of the most popular questions I get these days is, "How did you write a book while you were in college?!" I figured it would be easiest to set the record straight here once and for all. To be perfectly honest, it's not because I have magical time management skills or insanely speedy ninja-like typing skills. And sadly no, I wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider, nor am I in possession of that super awesome time-travel device Hermione used in Prisoner of Azkaban to take a double course-load of classes.

My secret isn't all that fancy. Really, it's boring.


Yeah, wait, I'm literally yawning over here, because my big secret? It's insomnia. 

You know those people who can sleep anywhere, anytime, even if there's a tornado/earthquake/tsunami/fieldofthousandsofhonkinggeesemigratingsouth outside their bedroom window? I am not, and will never be, that person. I WISH I were that person. Instead, right now it is 1:41AM and up I'm writing this blog post even though I have to be in class in -- crap! -- 7 hours.

I'm not only a light sleeper... I also have difficulty falling asleep due to my inability to stop googling random facts (I mean, where DO fruit flies come from?!) or the possession of a particularly good book that I simply CANNOT put down until it's finished. I also really, really, really like my coffee.

Combine these three conditions and you have what I like to call the trifecta of sleep deprivation.

So yep, that's my big secret. Betcha wish it was a superpower, right? It's okay, I would've preferred the radioactive spider bite, too. On the plus side, if you're ever awake in the wee hours, feel free to email me! I'm probably up, too.

Sweet dreams ;)