Life updates.

Hiiiiiii everybody,

I know, I know, I haven't written anything in a while -- I'm the worst. It's been a wicked hectic couple of weeks (better known as midterms) and I'm afraid things will only get crazier as the end of my semester approaches and classes wrap up. While I wish I could say I've been spending all my time working on my next novel, I've had almost no time to write, which believe me is beyond depressing!

On the plus side.... I ORDERED MY CAP AND GOWN TODAY. Know what that means? (Don't worry, I'm going to tell you.)

It means that I am officially DONE WITH COLLEGE in exactly five short weeks. (For those who don't know, I've decided to graduate a semester early to avoid mountains of student loans and move back to Boston because I miss my city -- and the ocean -- with a nearly incapacitating level of homesickness after three and a half long years away.)

I will leave the University of Delaware with two honors degrees in Psychology and Mass Communications. It's funny -- a year ago, I would've been frantically applying for jobs at a PR firm or taking my GREs so I could get into a clinical psychology program. It seems almost ridiculous now to think about doing anything but writing. After the great experience I've had publishing Like Gravity, I've decided to spend what would have been my spring semester exclusively writing my next novel. And after that point... who knows?

It's a scary feeling -- standing at the precipice of the great unknown that is my future. It is utterly terrifying to stare into the grand vastness of possibilities of the years to come. Maybe someday I'll go to graduate school and become a psychologist. Maybe I'll backpack around Europe until I run out of money. Maybe I'll braid puka shell bracelets in a grass hut on the beach somewhere. Maybe I'll join the circus and become an elephant trainer (they are my favorite animal, after all).

I digress. My point is -- I have no idea where I'm going. All I do know is that things are about to change. In just over a month, I will no longer be a college student. No longer a semi-adult, frozen in the protective bubble of academia.

I'll be a real adult, with real responsibilities.

And it's weird.

Without you guys, I'd never have had the courage to pursue writing as a profession, so I just want to say THANK YOU. You've given me the courage to go after something many people thought was only a dream -- an impractical impossibility that would amount to nothing.

That's all. Thanks for reading my mini existential quarter-life-crisis/rant about the future. As always, I love and appreciate all of your support and encouragement.

Love, love, love,