Julie's writing process...

So I'm finally getting some serious writing for my second novel done (pshhhh, obviously not being distracted by the internet at alllllll...) and I thought I'd make a post about my writing process (aka procrastinate just a tiny bit more before getting back into writing for the night.) So here it is:

1. Think of an idea for a new book... YAY! EXCITEMENT!

2. Do trademark julie-happy-dance around apartment:

3. Start first draft with lots of enthusiasm:

4. Read everything you've written thus far and have the realization that a 5th grader likely could've written something better...

5. Abuse your "delete" button and edit liberally...

6. Finish revisions and produce a story you're finally satisfied with:

7. Hit the publish button and wait.... and wait.... and wait....

8. Read positive reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Read negative reviews.....!?!?!?

10. Decide you're never doing this to yourself again:

11. Have a bright and shiny new idea for a novel!!!!!!!! 

12: Repeat process.