Don't have a Valentine? Fear not... Finn is here (for only $0.99)!


It's Valentine's Day! A time for love and romance, candlelit dinners and gorgeous bouquets of roses. Or, for those of us who are single, just another day for Hallmark to make us feel bad about ourselves. Whatever, Hallmark. Be that way. (Seriously, don't even walk into CVS right now. It's like some strange alien planet constructed only in garish hues of red and pink, whose residents' diet regimens consist of gorging on chocolates and those little chalk-flavored Sweetheart candies.)

Anyway, since I clearly treasure this time-honored tradition of forcing men to express their love via $4.00 cards filled with messages they didn't write, or strange teddy bears that say "I wuv you BEARY much!" (are you getting the sarcasm here?) I figured the least I could do was hold a weekend long sale for LIKE GRAVITY!

If you don't have a valentine, don't stress -- you can snuggle up with Finn Chambers for the weekend for only $0.99! 



Spread the word! Oh, and while you're at it, spread a little love.

That's what this godforsaken holiday is supposed to be about, after all.

I love you, my little valentines. XOXO