It's official! SAY THE WORD will be live and ready for purchase after just ONE MORE DAY!

That is madness. I'm nervous and excited and happy and scared and thrilled and need about seventeen glasses of wine and have a million other emotions I can't begin to explain...but mostly I'm GRATEFUL.

Grateful for all of you! My readers, the bloggers who've taken a chance on me and reviewed my work, and everyone else who has supported me along the way. A year ago, I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be publishing my first novel, let alone my second!. So, THANK YOU! I really, sincerely, honestly, truly love you all to pieces.

In case you've somehow missed my 13 million Facebook posts about the blog tour, I've had some reviewers read SAY THE WORD and here is some of their early feedback:

"I highly recommend this book to those that love second chance romances and love-hate relationships. Julie Johnson did a fabulous job with creating a love story that was realistic, heart-breaking and beautiful all at the same time." -- BOOK READER CHRONICLES

"One thing I really like about Julie’s writing is her ability to make you feel like you’re in the room with the characters. The pages come to life with beautifully colorful descriptions and equally colorful characters." -- NICELY PHRASED BOOK BLOG

"I laughed, I cried, I smiled and I went through the wringer of emotions." -- BOOKS ARE LOVE

"This is my first time reading this author and I loved this book. It had an unique take on everything that happens.  It draws you in as soon as you start reading." -- LOVE ROMANCE BOOKS BLOG 

"Overwhelmingly I loved the chemistry, I loved the characters and the narrative was beautiful. I would recommend it to those who love depth and exploring characters in descriptive ways. It was full of heart, wonder, choices and emotion." -- BOOK LIT LOVE

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey thus far. Words can't express how grateful I am to each and every one of you.

Please use THIS LINK to follow along with the tour and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card or a Signed Paperback Copy of SAY THE WORD.