Hi guys!

So, for a few days now, I've been teasing you that I have a surprise... and here it is....


*drum roll*


LIKE GRAVITY and ERASING FAITH are both getting new covers!


I'm so excited to share these beautiful, redesigned covers with you all. I hope you love them as much as I do!

I know some of you might be saying "but, Julie, I loved the old covers!" or wondering "but, Julie, why now?"

All three of my novels feature strong, complex heroines, and I really wanted three equally-stunning covers to reflect that. SAY THE WORD's cover will remain the same, but the new covers now complement its look in terms of theme, design, and structure. (Don't worry -- the stories and characters that you love remain unchanged!)

NOTE: If you like and comment on my Facebook post with the new covers, you'll be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of the FIVE ebooks I'm gifting to random commenters! (Winners can choose whichever of my books they want to receive.)

The covers are currently updating across all digital platforms and should be live in a few hours. As for paperback versions with the new covers -- they will likely take a few weeks to update, so if you want a copy with the pretty new cover, you'll unfortunately have to wait a bit.  After the updates are made, you will no longer be able to purchase the old paperbacks on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. ....BUT, if any of you still want to purchase a signed paperback copy of either LIKE GRAVITY or ERASING FAITH with the original covers, you can contact me directly, as I have a *small* stockpile of them left.

Without further ado... here they are! I hope you love them. xx


Like Gravity book cover

Like Gravity full book cover

Erasing Faith - new book coverErasing Faith full new cover

Julie Johnson Book Covers