Checking in...

Hi guys! I can't believe February is almost over -- wasn't it just Christmas, like, a week ago?! It seems 2015 is slipping through my fingers and I've barely touched base with you all... so here I am. Checking in.

I guess part of the reason I haven't noticed the months flying by is because I've been so busy writing, which I can't complain about! I've been feeling inspired. A little too inspired, actually, because I have three different projects started at the moment! And, with only one (very small) brain, one laptop, and one set of hands, it's proving a little bit challenging to balance all three WIPs at once.

But, never fear!

I promise I will finish at least one of these projects and have it in your hands in the (hopefully) near future. As for book blurbs/summaries/teasers... that's still a little while off. All I can tell you for now, is.... they're all radically different from anything I've written in the past. Two are contemporary romances. And the third is Book #1 in a new YA series.

I know what you're thinking....


YA?!   Julie doesn't write YA.

Well... I do now! And I love it. I really, really, really love it. The angst, the drama, all those heightened high-school emotions and experiences... GAH! It's so much fun to write. And I think (hope/pray/wish) that you guys will have fun reading it when it's finally ready for public consumption. 'Cause, I mean... who wouldn't want to go back to high school?  *sigh* *eye roll* *door slam* Ah, to be sixteen again.

And if teenage love isn't your thing, don't panic -- as I said before, I've still got two contemporary romances in the works, and I have no plans to stop writing them either because, um, as fun as young romance is, I can't say I don't love the grown-up romance, too, if you know what I mean. *wink* *growl* *shimmy*

So, anyway, please be patient with me. I'll have more updates soon -- pinky swear.

Love you all to pieces! xx