FROM INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JULIE JOHNSON comes an angsty, addictive new contemporary romance duet about two star-crossed musicians. From the dark streets of Nashville to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Ryder & Felicity's story is a whirlwind of bandmate drama, steamy romance, and original song lyrics. Part two of the duet, UNFADED, is now available for purchase in ebook and paperback.

Please note: due to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, this duet is recommended for readers ages 16 and up.


"A classic country song come to life.” - Inked Avenue Book Blog, 5 star review 

When Felicity Wilde arrives in Nashville, she’s not looking for fame — she just wants a safe place to hide from the ghosts of her past. And for a while, starting fresh seems possible. She lands a job at a local music hotspot, collects her tips, and keeps her head down. 

Until one night, he steps on stage.

Ryder Woods is a rising star. Everyone knows he’s destined for bigger things — it’s only a matter of time before he lands a record deal and heads for Los Angeles without looking back. He has no interest in getting stuck in Nashville, like all the other washed-up musicians who’ve never quite made it. But once he spots the quiet girl working behind the bar — the one with haunted eyes, who sings the most heartbreaking lyrics he’s ever heard in his life — Ryder’s suddenly not in such a hurry to leave. 

As Felicity and Ryder begin to make music together, their connection only deepens… but with demons of Felicity’s past circling closer, and the demands of Ryder’s future finally coming to fruition, they’ll find themselves at an undeniable crossroads…

They always say fame comes with a price...
But what if that price is the love of your life?