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The BOSTON LOVE STORIES are a series of interconnected standalone romances. Each book is approximately 350 pages and can be read individually, though I suggest you read them in order to get the maximum reading experience, as many characters cross over from book to book.


"I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I was hooked from the first page and didn't want to put it down until the end. It was the perfect mix of everything I could want in an awesome romance!!! It was SEXY, SWOONY, SASSY, and SWEET, but also suspenseful, hilarious, emotional, and fast-paced. The feisty heroine had me laughing out loud over and over again, and the mysterious brooding Alpha hero stole my heart!!!" - Aestas Book Blog

"If you're a fan of comedic contemporary romance books there's no doubt you should read the Boston Love Series by Julie Johnson. Her high-caliber writing, addictive wit, and lovable characters will leave you reeling for more and more stories from Boston." - TeriLyn Reviews

"I love the Boston Love series, and they keep getting better and better!" - Book Boyfriend Blog

"It’s not a big secret, that Julie Johnson is one of my favorite authors. All of her books has a uniqueness that makes all of them recognizable and memorable. Her amazing sense of humor, inimitable characters and real life references are always matched with a thrilling plot line and Julie hands over all of it with an amazing and many times beautiful writing style." - Veronika's Reader Feeder

"Sweet. Sexy. Emotional. Beautiful. It's a story that demands your attention from the first line to the last. Addicting like a drug. It's the result of Julie Johnson's trademarks; sassiness, suspense, steam, a heroine you want to hug and have drinks with and a hero that steals your breath and makes it impossible for any man to live up to his perfection." - Katerina, Goodreads reviewer