"Falling for a guy like Grayson Dunn is like trying to wait out a hurricane by taking shelter in the eye of the storm."




Katharine Firestone is a bit of a mess. 

Between an acting career that’s never quite made lift-off to stardom, a pathetic love life of online-dating-app losers, and a maxed-out balance on every one of her credit cards, things can’t get much worse. So, when she’s plucked from relative obscurity to land a lead role in Hollywood’s next big blockbuster, Kat is sure she’s finally on the right track. 

Until she meets her co-star, Grayson Dunn… and all her plans are completely derailed. 

Grayson is everything you’d expect the hottest actor alive to be — charming, disarming, and cocky as hell. As their characters slowly spiral into love on screen, Kat struggles to keep herself from falling for real. She knows handing Grayson her heart and expecting him not to break it would be the biggest mistake of her life. Yet the deeper she’s immersed in his glamorous world, the more blurred the boundaries between scripted affection and sincere passion become… and the harder it is to deny that their on-camera chemistry has crescendoed into a behind-the-scenes love affair…

What happens when you fall for someone who’s guaranteed to shatter you into pieces? Do you walk away? Or do you let him break you because, even broken, there’s simply no way you can’t stay? 



"We are all Monday Girls." - Katerina, Goodreads reviewer, 5 STARS

"The Monday Girl was everything and nothing like other Julie Johnson novels. It held all the passion, drama, and witty humor we have come to love, but this novel... WOW... this novel was all of that times ten. Julie Johnson held nothing back. ... The characters are kind, flawed, selfish, hilarious, and self-destructing. In a word they are real, so real in fact I related to them, especially Kat, on a personal level." - Inked Avenue Book Blog, 5 STARS

"Julie Johnson proves there's nothing she can't do with THE MONDAY GIRL -- my heart was in my throat from first page to last wondering just how Kat was going to survive Grayson, and if I would survive either of them." - Kayti McGee, Amazon bestselling author 

"While the tone of The Monday Girl remains infused with the great wit and humor we see in Johnson's most recent RomCom stories, the plot and exploration of characters ranges deeper, a little darker... Her chops as a writer highlight that she can add new twists and layers to her stories to keep them fresh and exciting." - TeriLyn Reviews, 5 STARS

"I think there's a Monday Girl somewhere in all of us, either currently or at some point in your life, no matter how old you are or where you are in your own romantic journey." - The Book Boyfriend Addict, 4.5 STARS

"This book was so well written, I felt what Kat felt, I was her and she was me. Her joy, her grief her heartbreak. When she fell I fell. I don't even have all of the words to explain how much or why I enjoyed this book as much as I did. But I loved it and you need to read it." - HEA Novel Thoughts, 5 STARS